The Perfect Sequence of Renovating Your Bathroom

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Orderly arrangement and process lead to 99 per cent of task achievement. But, what in the case of the renovation? Is ordered work necessary for the renovation? Although renovation sounds like something adventurous and twisting, it is a time and work-specific task. Yes, it is bit by bit work. 

Here accessories act as chunks, and you have to play consciously, like solving a puzzle game. Here we’ll talk about the required order for a bathroom renovation; individual should have these two things before work

  • Plan
  • Order of framework


The plan includes the do and don’ts of the process. While renovating the bathroom, individuals have to make a checklist. All the modification material will be listed like luminescence required, floor style, vanity design, wall paint, select brand accessories, well-experienced labour, most important, one budget. Something light or heavy on the pocket depends on individual preferences. You have to consider every aspect that is required to add more to the aesthetics of the bathroom. Below mention are some workers from different fields you have to visit before proceeding to renovation:

  • Constructor
  • Carpenter 
  • Cabinet maker
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Tiler
  • Painter
  • Pipeline Workers

These will give an overall estimation of the cost of doing renovation by adding separate charges per hour required by each worker. 

Order of Framework

At this stage, an individual has done with accessories required for renovation. A person has estimated cost by getting quotes from the different niches workers as the bathroom’s renovation closely depends on every factor from infrastructure to the interior and exterior outlook. Here an individual can follow our designed order.

  1. Drainage and Pipeline

It is a vital part of the bathroom; without it, the bathroom experience is no more than doing something just for killing time.

A person needs to require maintenance in the pipeline system.

  1. Flooring

The next step is to modify the floor structure according to need. Because with time, buildings also show some signs of wear and tear. So, any part of the building, including the floor, needs renovation as well. Nowadays, a person can make his/her bathroom floor trendier and more modern.

  1. Tiling

A wide range of tiles is available with various patterns and designs. You are choosing according to space and lighting conditions. Don’t make your bathroom showy that only reflects a sense of showpiece, not an attractive monument.

  1. Paint

Some people don’t like tiles as they change paint often, maybe after 3-6 months. Colouring is an excellent alternative to tiles as an individual can enjoy different contrast colours that bring life to the bathroom walls. It can be done before and after flooring the bathroom.

  1. Electric Equipment

It is time to add something innovative based on artificial intelligence in your bathroom. Automated lights are available that don’t need a finger or touch of hand to switch on. These lights detect a person’s presence with a sensor’s help and automatically switch on and off.

  1. Bathtub

Now, install the newly bought bathtub if old needs replacement. It requires specific space, so install it before other hardware. 

  1. Vanity and Other accessories

Now change your vanity and shower set. Stainless steel sliding showers are trendy these days. If budget allows, buy the trending vanity and shower set. Fix all other accessories like towel carrier, product placer, etc. Don’t forget to add a sizeable beautiful mirror to your bathroom. Mirrors are more significant reflectors of individual outlook. 

Bottom Line

We can conclude that it could be better ordered for bathroom renovation. But, it will not apply to every bathroom. The renovation also has many variants. The final order will depend upon the necessary renovation of the bathroom based on individual choice and preference. 

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