What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel in Central Coast?

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The bathroom is the fictional unit of the house. It is a vital component of routine activities. Every individual is using it daily. The spaces which are in continuous use require maintenance from time to time as every individual wants a clean, vivid, maintained, cleaned environment. So, the bathroom needs to be hygienic. 

Everything included in bathroom accessories requires some cold cash. So, maybe some parts are more expensive, and some are budget-friendly, well it depends on how one takes the decision and adjust his/her budget according to need. But, if a talk in general manners then which part is most expensive? Isn’t it intriguing to mind? Let’s try to discuss in polite ways based on facts:

Every individual can spend 5,500$ to 80,000$ on a bathroom renovation in Central Coast. It varies from person to person and brand to brand and depends on the size of the bathroom. Like cost will be different for a 40, 50 & 60 square feet bathroom, but there is one common thing in every bathroom structure, guess what? 

Something Common

That is the drainage system, or you can say pipeline layout. It is structured by the labour working for the drainage system. They usually charge 45-65 per hour. There are different layouts for every drainage system. If your bathroom drainage or pipeline system is very involved with various junctions, make sure you have plenty in your wallet. 

Roughly the total cost for installation and maintenance of the pipeline will be approximately 3000$. If some joints or water expelling holes need shifting, it will cost more like a person to pay about 1200$ more than the total cost mentioned above.

Here we will discuss individual components or accessories for the bathroom and their average cost.


Vanity is available in different designs and shapes. Usually, it costs from 400$ to 3000$. It could be a vanity with a double bowl, with integrated basins, it can be floor-based vanity or wall fixed vanity with hidden handles. So, the price will depend on the type of vanity chosen. It could be economical or costly, depending on the choice made by the person.


Tiles are also of two types: wall and floor tiles. The average cost of tile per square meter is 40-50$, and if your standard is high, it could cost 70-150$ per square meter. There are different ceramic tiles brands in Australia, like national ceramic industries. An individual can choose according to his/her capacity.

Hot Tub

Although bathtubs create such an enjoyable experience, more facilities require more money. The average cost of a hot tub in Australia is 310$ to 3100$, depending on quality and durability. Quality is different from the material used during manufacturing. The installation also requires some cost around 65$ as it requires some precise work and plumbing experience.

Sprinkling Shower

Showers are also available in different dimensions, shapes & sizes. At present stainless-steel, shoers are very popular due to their anti-rust quality. Long sliding shoers are also popular these days. It ranges from 160$-850$. The industry produces innovative accessories daily and makes it environment friendly adds some more cost to the product price.

Toilet Seat/Commodes

Living in the era of automation, commodes are also now manufacturing on the principle of automation. Now some are available with automated flushing and washing facilities. These features are available with a single tap of a finger. Manual systems are also available. The average cost of this system is 300$ – 1200$. Industries are trying to deliver innovative toilet experiences. 


We can conclude that every piece of hardware is available at a different price. The expensiveness and economical cost of a product depends on individual choice. So, choose wisely.

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