When Should You Tile Your Bathroom?

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Are you thinking of tiling your bathroom before fitting accessories? To answer this question, you have to act like a labour and plumber and try to tile before fitting the bathroom. Imagine the scenario. What comes to your mind? Something or nothing (Lol!) Please don’t put an extra burden on your brain because we are here to answer this ambiguity. Well, it depends on two situations, according to Bathroom Renovations Newcastle. Let’s discuss one by one:

Situation 1

If the architecture of your bathroom is well organized, the wall is well constructed evenly. There is no uneven surface. No bumps, pits, and guts on the surface. This situation only works for a newly constructed building where every parameter is vivid. 

Here labour can tile the whole bathroom before fitting. But work has to leave some space in the form of an empty row between the tiles so that he can later perform the fitting of accessories into the bath.

It is a very convenient and time-saving procedure. Because here, no amendment is needed. Work can be done without any fear of being harmful to the infrastructure. The whole environment will reflect such hygienic and cleanliness. No water will sprinkle from any tap. Such a plan and flat surface would be there. Shiny and glittery environment it would be.

Situation 2

If you are living in an old, worn-out building and need bathroom remodelling urges. Then make sure to tile the whole surface first because there are some reasons.

Uneven Walls

In old times, estimated details were used to perform a specific task. The same is the case in the construction industry. There were manual gadgets that were used to take measurements, and sometimes size was supposed calculation. 

Tiling requires an even surface because tiles are placed parallel to each other and support each other. If the wall is uneven, it would be exteriorized, and after some time, may tile displace from located space. It will result in a fall and break of tile.

Leakage of underground pipeline 

Sometimes underground pipelines experience some leakage due to various factors like thermal expansion or deterioration of manufacturing material. It will cause humidity in the wall surface, and the wall will start swelling, which creates a bump in the wall. So, in this case, avoid tiling before fitting. Just sort out building internal issues and then do the tiling and fitting process.

Porous Walls and Floor

If the wall and floor are only constructed with the sand mixture, then the surface will be porous after some time. These kinds of walls are not very strong. Gradually, it will become unstable. Sand will start leaving the mixture’s material and come out of the wall. Here tiling before fitting will cost you a lot.


The bathroom is round, and you want to do fitting in around corners. Here it can work with the help of some plaster aids. Specific plaster or others will be applied before tiling, and then fitting can be done. But this situation is very rare and not very common.

Water Level Check-up

Based on the drainage system, the water level of the bath must be kept in view. It must adjust in the way that dirty water or waste material can quickly drain out.


Hence, you have gone through a different scenario, and there could be another possible situation. Every individual will encounter the other problem. So, decide according to the issue you are facing. We have tried our best to convey full information. If something is missing, please let us know in the comment section. It will enhance our knowledge.

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