• What are your hours?
    We are open Monday thru Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
    Other times by appointment only.


  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been in business for over 35 years and on St. Simons Island since 1997.

  • Would Oglethorpe Antiques be interested in buying an antique from me?
    If you have an item you would like to offer to us, please call to discuss it.


  • Do you take pieces on consignment?  
    We do occasionally. 
    If you have an item you would like to offer to us, please call to discuss it.

  • Call you tell me the value of my item? 
    Because we are certified appraisers, we do valuations.


  • What do you charge for an appraisal? 
    Our fee is based on the depth and complexity of the research needed to establish a valuation range as well as the number of pieces.   Please call to discuss your specific needs.

  • I recently inherited a house and its contents. Can you help me dispose of the contents?
    Yes, we can!  We can assist you in deciding which pieces are better suited for Estate Sale or Garage Sale and also with pricing and conducting the sale.  Please call to discuss your specific needs.


  • Do you do repairs?
    Occasionally we purchase pieces in good enough condition for sale. However, in most instances there is a lot of time and labor involved in the cleaning, polishing, restoration, and repair of most of the inventory. We also use expert restorers when needed. Whenever possible, we give quotes prior to doing the work.


  • Do you deliver and/or ship items?
    We recommend local packaging stores and shippers to accommodate our customers.


  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover, and American Express